Standing Desk Interview with an All-Day Stander

February 03, 2016

The majority of the employees at Standee (myself included) are currently using the Standee Flex, our new electric height-adjustable standing desk that allows us to switch between standing and sitting throughout the day. However, there are some who use the Standee Classic XL with no stool for sitting. We call these few the “All-Day Standers.” Our accountant, Kyle, is one of the All-Day Standers. I sat down Kyle to learn about his journey switching to a standing desk and what led him to be an All-Day Stander. When did you start standing? I have been standing for 2 years now. What made you make the switch? The best answer is my overall health. I was trying to make a change...

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Standing Desk Hacks for the Standee Classic & XL

January 26, 2016

Our desktop series is comprised of two models, the Classic and Classic XL. Each comes in four different heights and two different colors of bamboo. They are fixed height desktop add-ons so you choose the right size for you based on your height. They assemble in no time and are designed to be foldable so you can easily store the desk under or on the side of your desk when you want to sit. A common misconception with our desktop models is that you have to disassemble them in order to sit. This is not true. There are a few hacks to make using the Standee Classic & XL very enjoyable. 1. Get a stool. If you get a stool...

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