Best Standing Desk To Beat Back Pain & Fatigue In The Office

Do you experience back pain and fatigue after long days at the office? Have you tried changing office chairs, using fancy back cushions, adjusting your sitting level, or taking more frequent exercise breaks during the day with little or no improvement?

There’s a good chance that your back pain and fatigue issues aren’t merely due to uncomfortable seating. In fact, the very act of sitting may be the root of your problems. Even though the life of a typical office worker revolves around sitting for most of the day, our bodies simply weren’t designed for a sedentary lifestyle. A minimal level of physical exertion is required for the human body and mind to be in top form.

The Traditional Standing Desk
In recent years, standing desks have become a popular solution to the conventional office desk. These elevated desks force you to stand and offer an ergonomic solution for those who’d prefer to stand at their workstations.

For people who suffer from back pain and fatigue, traditional standing desks offer numerous benefits over conventional desks:

  • More energy – when you’re seated for extended periods of time, your body adapts to the lessened load by slowing down its metabolic rate. By standing instead of sitting, you’ll be more alert . You’ll find that your constant awareness of your body keeps you from getting drowsy or sleepy. As a result, you’ll enjoy greater focus and productivity throughout your workday.
  • Better posture – no matter how well-designed your chair, sitting at your desk for 8 hours will break down your posture. For some people, this can lead to chronic back pain. For others, it can lead to neck problems and muscle spasms. Standing desks will force you to build up your core strength, which will improve your posture and in many cases – it will lead to a reduction or elimination of back pain. You’ll also eliminate the typical soreness in your tailbone/lower lumbar region comes from sitting for the full workday.

The Standee
The Standee is a lightweight, durable podium that you can place on top of your desk to transform any conventional desk into an instant standing desk. The standee offers numerous benefits over even the best standing desk. Compared to the traditional fixed-height standing desk, the Standee is:

  • More affordable – The average fixed-height standing desk costs several hundred dollars. For a motor powered adjustable standing desk like the GeekDesk, prices can rise as high as $985. The Standee products on the other hand range in price from the $159.95 Standee Classic to $199.95 for the adjustable Standee Flex.
  • Flexibility – The Standee allows you to easily convert any regular desk into a standing workspace. To revert back to a conventional desk, simply remove the Standee and store it away. This is great if you share your workspace with others or if you work in an office where you can’t just throw out the company desk. It also means you don’t have to commit to standing for your full 8 hour work day.

If you’re looking for a standing desk solution that’s affordable, sturdy, portable, and beautiful to look at – order a Standee today and eliminate back pain and fatigue from your work day.