4 Tips For Choosing The Best Standing Desks

4 Tips For Choosing The Best Standing Desks


     When it comes choosing the best standing desk for your needs, you will be quick to discover a lot of options on the market, in fact too many options.
The purpose of this standing desk blog post is to help you decide which standup desk is best for your needs by looking at a variety of factors.
The standing desk revolution is here and with good reason. It turns out that standing and working promotes a healthier lifestyle and research suggests that it the practice of standing and working can reduce the chances of some debilitating diseases.

On that list is:


  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple forms of cancer such as colon cancer

     Health benefits and risks aside, it's important to consider key factors that will help you be comfortable while standing and working. Consider these 5 tips to help you adjust and adapt to a standing desk.


1) Size -

     This is a major factor in making the desk work for your purposes. Choosing the right standing desk for your space and one that fits your needs is of utmost importance and can be a challenge especially when buying online.

Through our research, we recommend getting a desk that will start at your elbow height for optimum comfort. This will allow the weight of your hands and arms to be supported while performing tasks on the desktop. By doing so, your shoulders and neck will be less fatigued.


2) Price

     If you are new to the standing desk idea and you are unsure if it's the right move for you. We recommend looking for a desk that fits within your budget. Desks range from $100 up to $5000. Ordering something like the Standee Classic will enable you to use your existing desk in combination with the Standee Standing desk solution. By doing so, you'll discover what type of setup works best for you.

3) Quality

     All things are not created equal and when it comes to standup desks, this is especially true. As America shifts from budget furniture to furniture that is a great value (quality/price), manufacturers are looking to meet those demands. Standing desks like the Standee offer exceptional quality for the money. This can be achieved by value minded engineering and responsible materials sourcing. The Standee Classic is made in the U.S.A. from 100% renewable Bamboo enabling it last a lifetime under regular use.

4) Flexibility

     Working a standing desk into your lifestyle means that your standup desk needs to flexible to your needs. Purchasing a standing desk that can work with your existing office set up may save you a great deal of money and time. Standing desks like the all Bamboo Standee Classic fold neatly away when not in use.

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David Grotting
David Grotting