Is Sitting All Day Harming You? The Research Is Trickling In.



Can A Standing Desk Help Your Health?

If one is finding her bones achy and energy unusually low at the end of the work day, it may be time to consider changing up work habits to help reduce stress on the mind and body.


One remedy that is helping with some of these issues involves folks taking to their feet at their office jobs. Using a standing desk is not a new concept, it has been around for a long time, and some notable names were practitioners of this lifestyle:





Fame aside, sitting all day at your desk has hidden dangers beyond just the general discomfort. New research suggests that the more a person sits, the higher their risk for an early death from a multitude of ailments which include cancers, heart disease and diabetes.


Some great articles to reference include:



This one from Men's Health

This piece from NPR

And this article from Women's Health



So with all of this information in hand, perhaps it's time that we get off our butts and onto our feet and take a stand for our health.


Adding a Standing Desk solution to the current office routine may not be a worthless idea.


Check out the Standee Classic for starters.


Have questions about adjusting to the standing desk lifestyle? Please let us know here.




Cliff C
Cliff C