My Standing Desk Comfort Level

If you are looking for the whole backstory on my recent move to a standing desk including, but not limited to the health benefits that I have noticed since I started standing at my desk - click here.

I started my standing desk journey just over a month ago. It's been a terrific month at the new job which includes adjusting to a type of lifestyle that has actually increased my productivity and made me look forward to coming work. A big portion of the lifestyle change is that I am standing most of the day at what traditionally would have been a desk job and creaky office chair setup.

The Standing Desk Setup

For my standing desk, I'm using a bamboo standing desk that we make here in Oceanside, California. I can say with certainty that if we didn't make standing desks, there's no way I would have every tried one. But we do, and so I have.

Not that I am an expert, though others here are, I have discovered that the right size desk makes all the difference in the world.

I've tried a variety of set ups, some with our Standee Anti Fatigue mat, some without. Some with 10", 12" and 14" models of our bamboo standing desk.

I'm 6'3" - so I'm quite used to hunching over to fit into office furniture. To have something that accommodates my height is a god send. I only wish Disneyland had the same flexibility.

My Standing Desk Discoveries

What I have discovered is that the ideal standing / working position for me is to have my standing desk desktop at approximately elbow height so that my hands can rest on the platform while I type away and mouse around. The elbow height helps take the pressure off my neck and clavicle area that the weight strain of my arms may cause in any other position.

An added benefit of standing most of the day while working is an increase in the lower back muscle strength. I've struggled with back pain most of my life since I have somewhat of a long torso and slim frame which leads to a lot of strain on what muscles that I do have in my lower back. My achy / hunched over mornings seemed to have gone away, but it's still too early to point to a reason as to why.

I'll update this blog as my journey continues.

If you have any questions about the standing desk experience, please comment here on the blog or email me directly at ccurrie at

Happy Standing!

Cliff C
Cliff C