Standee Standing Desk Joins The Ladies at HeraHub

Standee Standing Desks

In a show of support, we recently placed two Standee standup desks at a hip workspace for Women in San Diego. HeraHub is a first class operation, and we're proud to bring a standing desk solution to a workspace where we know that it will be appreciated by entrepreneurs and startups that literally think on their feet all day.

The two standing desks that Herahub received are part of our Standee Classic line up. The standing desks are amber and natural color and 10" and 12" variants which should provide comfort for folks from 5'4" to approx. 5'8". We also included two Standee Anti-Fatigue Mats.

If you are considering purchasing a Standee standing desk and Standee anti-fatigue mat, do take into consideration that the mat is about two inches thick, so pick your desk height accordingly. You will want your desk height to be at about your elbow level for comfort.

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Cliff C
Cliff C