5 Amazing Facts About Bamboo

Why Bamboo is perfect for a standing desk


When our team first considered what materials to build our line of standing desks out of, we had a lot of options. To begin with our team wanted to explore a material that was durable, available, affordable and offered an exceptional value to the costumer. Bamboo seemed to be a natural fit (pun intended).

While researching the benefits of Bamboo, we ran across 5 amazing facts that our inner nerd wanted to share with the world.

5 Amazing(ly) geeky facts about Bamboo -

1) We love Bamboo because it is an efficient producer of oxygen and everyone knows Oxygen is awesome. Bamboo is 35%-40% more efficient at processing carbon dioxide and releasing O2 than similar sized woody plants, trees, and shrubs.

2) Bamboo is low maintenance and grows quickly. In the right environment, most Bamboo can be harvested in less than three years. Compare that with trees which can average 120 years. Bamboo can grow up to 4" per day!

3) Bamboo is more closely related to grass than it is woody trees.

4) Bamboo has no knots, so it's structural integrity is higher than that of other organic building materials.

5) Termites cannot eat Bamboo. While scientists say this is the result of a high silica content, we say it's because Termites are fans of the Atkins diet and Bamboo isn't on the list.


Cliff C
Cliff C