The Best Standing Desk For Under $200

A Standing Desk Solution For Less Than $200.00?

Yes and it is made here in California!


When it comes to standing desk choices, there are no shortage of them.

Standing Desks can range from $50 - $2000 plus.

But what if you have never tried one and aren't sure that a standing desk is the right fit for you? Making a hefty investment in a standing desk that you will not end up using the long run doesn't make much sense.

At Standee Co. We know exactly how that feels. Instead of replacing our expensive office desks while making the transition, we opted to build a line of desks that allows us to try out standing at our desks on the individual basis. Because we all vary in size, we ended up making a few different sizes to sit atop our 29" standard office desks.

It is crucial that our standing desks be movable so that the user can take it down if they change their mind. It is also vital that the standing desk can easily fold away for storage, so now the Standee Classic can be assembled and collapsabled with no use of tools.

Our goal is to create a high quality standing desk for less than $200 so that anyone can try it to see if standing while working fits into their lifestyle.

Unlike other standing desks in the sub $200 range, our Standee Classic desk is made in California from imported and renewable Bamboo.
We're not easy on our equipment and have chosen a material that can truly stand up to some abuse - Bamboo is amazing stuff!

If you are considering other standing desks for less than $200, we encourage that you read the user reviews on sites like Amazon. If you are going to drop $200, make sure you are getting a quality product that will take a beating and fit into your lifestyle.

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Cliff C
Cliff C