A List Of Articles About The Benefits Of A Standing Desk

The Standing Desk, A Trend or here to stay?


It seems that new research is being published almost every day about the benefits of the standing desk.

Since our business is in selling a variety of standing desks, it makes sense that we should compile a list of some of the best articles that we have found about the benefits of standing desks. We have already done much of the leg work (pun intended) in finding the best support articles for the standing desk movement.

At Standeeco, we're pretty sure that this isn't a short term trend, standing while working may be a positive lifestyle change for a majority of people. Getting past the test drive period will likely be the major hurdle but can be overcome with education and support.

If you are on the fence about bringing a standing desk into your life, take a look at these links below to be better informed.

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