Standing Desk Interview with Encinitas Legend Chris Cote

A few months ago we decided to reach out to Encinitas Legend Chris Cote on Instagram to see if he was interested in a standing desk. For those of you who do not know him, Chris Cote is a household name in the surf world. He has been a part of a ton of the content produced for the surf industry over the last few decades. Aside from shredding at surfing and skating, he was the infamous editor at Transworld Surf Magazine, commentates professional surf/skate events around the world, is a DJ, is in a band (Kut U Up), and has done a variety of other performances to leave a lasting footprint on the surf/skate world and local community. We messaged him about our desks because we figured he must spend a lot of time sitting at his desk, producing content nonstop. We were excited just to get a response from him, but we were even more stoked when we he said that he had already been planning on getting one. He invited us to his rad Airstream office right off Highway101, the home of his new Standee Boost. Chris has now been standing for four months! Last week we were able to catch up with Chris to learn about his experience with his standing desk.   

You now have been standing for four months with the Standee Boost Height Adjustable Desktop Standing Desk. How have you been liking it? How long did it take you to adjust? 

I had been wanting a standing desk for a long time so I was definitely ready when I got my Standee Desk! On the advice of a few friends who already have desks, I stood most of the day, but took breaks to sit every few hours, probably went about 70-percent standing, 30-percent sitting. I liked the feeling of standing and working immediately and now I'm at about 80/20 throughout the day. 


Why did you make the switch to a standing desk? How did you hear about them? 

My chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Gessay (Tune Chiropractic) basically told me that standing desks are the way to go, and I trust him. Also I felt like my posture was getting worse and my back hurt more often. I have pretty bad eyesight so I constantly found myself leaning way in to the computer, making my slouch even worse than before.


Do you stand more at certain times of the day or is it random? What does your standing/sitting schedule typically look like?

I stand for a long period right when I get to work, sit for lunch, then stand in to the afternoon. The afternoons used to be my "lazy" time. I would always get tired, but when I stand, I feel like I have more energy, and that energy sustains me til the end of the day! I also record my podcast, "The Monday M.A.S.S." super early on Monday mornings, and my Standee set up works great to keep my energy high when recording the world's greatest action sports podcast! 


What stuff are you working on at your standing desk? Is it good for specific tasks?

Podcasts, brainstorming, writing, watching funny videos on the Internet, meeting with people (I make them stand up too), drinking coffee, drinking more coffee. 


Has standing affected your life in any ways/areas that you weren’t expecting?

The most surprising byproduct of standing at work is my posture throughout the rest of my day/night is vastly improved. Sounds weird, but the better my posture is, the more confident I am. I feel like when you walk into a room standing tall, straight spine, head up, you're already killing it, confidence is king, and good posture is a huge part of that. I feel like standing at work is also helping me achieve my summer beach bod goals, I'm cool with dad-bod, but my dad-bod will be among the hottest dad bods on the beach this summer. 


Any advice for those considering switching to a standing desk?

DO it! I tell everybody that will listen that standing up is the best way to work. I also recommend Standee Co. because the designs fit my personal tastes and aesthetic. Good, clean, and high quality materials, fail safe functionality, and I always try to support local homies, and these homies are local! O-side or No-side.  

Do you have any tips for people who have recently made the switch?

Congratulations, you are now even more awesome, than you were before.


Yew!! Thanks Chris!

Reid Hollen
Reid Hollen