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A Standing Desk For Back Pain?

Standing desks and back pain?

This is an interesting subject that I have been getting feedback on since the launch of the first Standee Classic standing desk. It's an unexpected benefit of standing when you could be sitting for extended periods of time.

Customers have been telling us that since they started using our standing desks, mild ailments such as shoulder and lower back pain have been reduced. That's not to say that it is a direct result of the standing desk, but who knows, perhaps the standing position takes a lot of pressure off of areas of the body that have been exposed to the sedentary lifestyle for far too long.

So with all of that being said, we want to know more.. what do you do to help with your back pain? What has worked and what has not? Have you tried a standing desk solution and what are / or were the results?


Standee The World's Strongest Standing Desk

We're not sure if we now make the world's strongest / toughest standing desk, but it could be possible.

While working on sizing the desks for our own use here at Standee HQ, we began to notice that the BamTuff Bamboo that we were building the desks out of was unusually durable and strong.

This lead us to the idea of putting our standing desks to the test with heavy stuff. First we stacked books on the desks until we could fit no more books on them. Then we had our shop foreman (not a small guy) jump up on down on a Standee Classic, the Classic took the abuse and remained intact.

Frustrated because we couldn't figure out how to test the load durability to the breaking point, we scratched our heads and then came up with an idea.

Why not park a vehicle on the desk?

We used a 3600-4200lbs? (Estimated) Toyota Tacoma 4 x 4 V6 and placed four Standee Classics under it. One under each tire.

While it's still unknown what the truck actually weighs, it's certainly a bit more than what we expect the average customer may place on the desk.... by about a few thousand pounds. So it's safe to say that your Standee Classic standing desk should hold up to years of use.

Now for a quick slide show.  ( By the way - Don't try this at home.. we're pretty sure there are safer ways to test the weight baring ability.. but none with such a Wow factor)

We built four Standee Classics from left over parts that we had in the shop.

Using a forklift, we raised the rear of the vehicle first and placed the desks under the rear tires, then repositioned the forklift and placed the Standee Classic standing desks under the front.

Now for the true test.


So that's that.. The Standee Classic Standee Desk is the little desk that could. :)




The Best Standing Desk For Under $200

A Standing Desk Solution For Less Than $200.00?

Yes and it is made here in California!


When it comes to standing desk choices, there are no shortage of them.

Standing Desks can range from $50 - $2000 plus.

But what if you have never tried one and aren't sure that a standing desk is the right fit for you? Making a hefty investment in a standing desk that you will not end up using the long run doesn't make much sense.

At Standee Co. We know exactly how that feels. Instead of replacing our expensive office desks while making the transition, we opted to build a line of desks that allows us to try out standing at our desks on the individual basis. Because we all vary in size, we ended up making a few different sizes to sit atop our 29" standard office desks.

It is crucial that our standing desks be movable so that the user can take it down if they change their mind. It is also vital that the standing desk can easily fold away for storage, so now the Standee Classic can be assembled and collapsabled with no use of tools.

Our goal is to create a high quality standing desk for less than $200 so that anyone can try it to see if standing while working fits into their lifestyle.

Unlike other standing desks in the sub $200 range, our Standee Classic desk is made in California from imported and renewable Bamboo.
We're not easy on our equipment and have chosen a material that can truly stand up to some abuse - Bamboo is amazing stuff!

If you are considering other standing desks for less than $200, we encourage that you read the user reviews on sites like Amazon. If you are going to drop $200, make sure you are getting a quality product that will take a beating and fit into your lifestyle.

Have questions about Standing Desks? Please feel free to comment below.