Standee Boost Height Adjustable Desktop Standing Desk Combo Pack

Standee Bamboo Standing Desks Free Shipping
Gas Spring Controlled Adjustable Desktop Sit-Stand Desk
with a Standee Anti-Fatigue Mat (20" x 30" x 7/8")

Meet Standee® Boost, our height-adjustable desktop sit-stand desk that lets you alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. The Standee Boost goes on top of your existing desk, adjusts simply and smoothly to your desired height, provides a stable, generous work surface and ergonomic keyboard tray, and is highly affordable relative to other options on the market. Boost your health, productivity, and energy with the Standee Boost.

Ergonomically engineered, easy to operate, and manufactured to the highest quality standards, the Standee Boost is designed to promote a sit-stand work style at home or at the office. Its simple scissor lift design provides a straight vertical lift with multiple locking height positions and no electrical power requirements. Simply squeeze the hand-operated levers on both sides of the desk to raise or lower the desk to your desired height. The desk’s height adjustment mechanism utilizes a gas spring which serves as a counter balance to enable a smooth and stable transition between heights.

The Standee Boost offers a large 31” wide x 23.5” deep main work surface which can easily fit two monitors while providing ample additional work space. The 11.5” deep keyboard/mouse tray is ergonomically positioned below the main desk surface to support proper alignment and posture when sitting or standing. The Standee Boost has a lifting capacity of 33 lbs. and a maximum height range of 20” for the main work surface and 15.5” for the keyboard/mouse tray.

The Standee Boost comes with a black frame and is available with 2 desktop and keyboard/mouse tray color options:

  • Natural Bamboo
  • Amber Bamboo

Our eco-friendly bamboo desk options are crafted from architectural-grade BamTuff® bamboo plywood which is constructed using native Moso bamboo trees and plant-based glue. Not only is bamboo a highly sustainable natural resource, but it is strong, durable, and aesthetically beautiful. 

Standee Boost Warranty

The Standee Boost and Standee Mat come with a 2-year repair or replace warranty against manufacturer defects.

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