Standee Classic XL Standing Desk Combo Pack

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Standee® Classic XL and Anti Fatigue mat are even better together. Get them together and save  $15.

Anti-fatigue mat is 20" x 30" x 7/8". 

Amber Color or Natural Color

 Since this is a natural product - colors may vary slightly.

General guidelines on choosing Standee Size:

1. Elbows at 90° above work surface
2. Measure height from elbow to work surface
3. Choose 10" if elbow to desk is 5"-10.5"
                    12" if 10.6"-12.5"
                    14" if 12.6"-14.5"
                    16" if 14.6"-16.5"
All Standee® products come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.
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